Science (Step 1)

Minimum 6 hands on Science investigations across the 4 strands

LIVING THINGSSeniors and 1stWhat Seeds Needs Evidence of WorkChildren investigated what plants needed to grow and examined seeds exposed to different conditions
LIVING THINGS3rd and 4thCan We Increase our Heartrate? Evidence of WorkChildren recorded their heartrate while resting and after exercise and used Excel to graph results
LIVING THINGSJunior InfantsPlanting Wildflowers Evidence of WorkChildren planted wildflowers in the Organic Garden and are monitoring their progress
ENERGY AND FORCES5th and 6thFoam Rockets Evidence of WorkChildren made rockets of different length to determine which design travels furthest
ENERGY AND FORCESSeniors and 1stRamps Evidence of WorkChildren experimented with ramp gradient to see its effect on the distance the car travelled
ENERGY AND FORCES2ndGravity - Which falls faster? Evidence of WorkChildren tested heavy and light objects to see which landed 1st when dropped from the same height
ENERGY AND FORCESSeniors and 1stStatic Electricity
Evidence of Work
Children experimented with balloons to examine the effect of static electricity
ENERGY AND FORCES3rd and 4th Floating and Sinking Evidence of WorkChildren got to the bottom of why some things float and some things sink.
ENERGY AND FORCES2ndAir Pressure and Airplanes Evidence of WorkChildren investigated and experiment with moving air and paper to show how air exerts pressure and generates lift. They designed planes and measured how far they flew.
ENERGY AND FORCESSeniors and 1stMake the Car Move Evidence of WorkChildren investigated with magnets and tried to get the car to move
ENERGY AND FORCESSeniors and 1stParachutes - which design works best Evidence of WorkChildren tested parachutes of different sizes to see which design slowed down the effect of gravity the most
MATERIALSSeniors and 1stWhich Material Absorbs Best? Evidence of WorkChildren compared different types of material to test which type of material absorbed most water
MATERIALSJuniorsExploring materials in our Environment Evidence of WorkChildren walked around the school and identified different types of materials in our school environment.
MATERIALS2ndWhich Paper Absorbs Best? Evidence of workChildren compared different types of paper to test which type of paper absorbed most water
MATERIALS5th and 6th Which Material Absorbs the Most Evidence of WorkChildren made predictions and investigated which materials absorbed the most liquid
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AND CARE2ndBird Feeders Evidence of WorkThe children created bird feeders using plastic bottles, twigs and nuts and seeds
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AND CARESeniors and 1stWoodland Walk Evidence of WorkChildren explored the school woodland area to identify the signs of Spring
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AND CARE2ndSigns of Spring Evidence of WorkChildren explored the Woodland at the rear of the school to look for signs of spring
ENVIRONMENTAL AWARENESS AND CARE2ndLava Lamps Evidence of WorkChildren investigated the properties of Oil and Water and the effect of effervescent tablets on their interaction
LIVING THINGS; ENERGY AND FORCES; MATERIALS; ENVIRONMENT2nd SESE trail Evidence of WorkChildren investigated aspects of each of these areas while completing an SESE trail