Technology (Step 2)

A record of evidence of how the children used technology as part of their school work


Safer Internet Day on Computers and Tablets
2ndClass discussed safety on the internet and looked at a section of the esafety kit online
Safer Internet Day information
Safer Internet Day on Computers and Tablets5th and 6thClasses took part in Safer Internet Day - Debated issues of personal safety on the internet.
Using Technology 3rd and 4th Children used Excel to record heartrate and a web application to create graphs of their findings Evidence of Work
Tech Week 2nd Class completed Classroom Activities
Tech Week Activities
Powerpoint 2ndClass compiled a powerpoint of their work in History and then used the same data to create a photostory Powerpoint 2nd Class
Using computers to look up information All classesAll classes are allocated time on the computers and use them as part of Maths Stations regularly and also to research information for science work and projects
Scratch2nd2nd Class are completing the Scratch Lessons from Programming in Scratch