STEM showcase (Step 5)

Science Presentations to other classes

Environmental Awareness and Care: Upcycling ClinicHosted by 5th and 6th Class, attended by all othersChildren from 5th and 6th class, as part of their SEAI One Good Idea project, hosted a t-shirt recycling clinic where they turned old t-shirts into useful bags, promoting awareness of energy efficiency and encouraging others to take steps to tackle climate change. Upcycling Bag Clinic
STEM showcaseHosted by 2nd Class, attended by all others 2nd class demonstrated and answered questions about their work on Air Pressure, Pneumatics, Static Electricity and Chemical Energy 2nd Class Science Show
STEM showcaseHosted by 3rd Class, attended by all others3rd and 4th class children presented their work on light, floating and sinking, then heart and their STEM project. STEM showcase 3rd & 4th