Green Schools

We have been awarded three Green Flags for Litter / Recycling, for Energy and for Water conservation. Our active Green School’s committee is headed up by Ms. Finnerty.  Members are elected from each class every 2 years to coincide with the new Green Schools theme.  Current members for 2016/17 are Jac, Lauren, Geordan, Kyle, Ellie, Edel, Declan and Ciara. 

Organic waste is collected from each class for compost which is then used in our Organic Garden.

We are currently working towards our Green School Flag for travel and are actively working on promoting sustainable ways of travel to and from school and home.  Some of the initiatives we have implemented include: 

  • WOW days – Walk on Wednesday
  • Scores on the Doors – Promoting Park and Stride to win the Golden Boot!
  • Green Schools Slogan for Travel
  • Cycle Training 
  • Participation in National Walk to  School Day/Week
  • Walkability Survey