1st and 2nd 17/18

April 30th 2018 – Thanks to Ms Cawley for our interesting and active lesson on Estimation.  We encountered many problems we had to solve along the way and we all improved our predictions as we went along. 


April 2018 – We had a lovely Communion ceremony on April 29th in St. Joseph’s Church and thank you to all who helped us in any way.  Children had practiced their parts well and all readings, prayers, singing and processions went perfectly.  Well done all!




March 2018  – Some of us also achieved our Fun Friends Goal by following our Step Plan culminating in a tinwhistle performance in front of the school. Congratulations, and well played!  Make sure you give yourself your reward on reaching your goal!!  


March 2018   – Mother’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter all arrived in March and we were very busy between our art work, céilí and parade practice… 

February 2018 – We are looking at Water across the curriculum and in Science we experimented with floating and sinking, looking at the design of our boats and how many marbles they could hold without sinking.  Our winning boat held 24 marbles but a boat that weighed half that much held 14 marbles…. so which was the best boat??


February ’18: 1st class are currently enjoying the reading expertise of 5th class during our Shared Reading time on a Friday afternoon.  1st class love showing 5th class what good readers they are while 5th class have been sharing their love of books with 1st.  (More photos to follow of 2nd and 6th class). Thanks to Mrs Gilvarry for co-ordinating and guiding the groups. 


During January  and February 2018 we have been fortunate to have the expertise of our talented soccer coaches – Hugh Cunningham and his able assistant Noah – to develop the soccer skills of our pupils throughout the school.  Here are some demonstrations of our determination, sportsmanship and skill!


During December 2017 we rehearsed for our Christmas Play anywhere and everywhere!!  It was hard work but lots of fun!


Rainy days in December 2017 brought out our creativity


We also created some funny clay Santas stuck in Chimneys….


In November 2017 we worked on forces and friction in Science.  We tested our hypotheses by measuring the distances cars travelled over various surfaces and recorded our results.  We were busy!  Here are some of our experiments…


Halloween 2017 – There were many ghouls and goblins in school in late October.  

October 2017 – We went in search of the signs of Autumn.  Here are some of the things that we found…. 

In October 2017, we searched different locations around our school to find the best spot for minibeasts to hide out!  We found many snails and slugs under a large discarded piece of cardboard.  There were many worms in the raised beds and other soils. Have a look at what we found!


October 2017: This is us!


Benny helped us with our hurling skills in September 2017.  We have all improved a lot!

In September 2017 we learned about Fionn and the Dragon in History.  We used Freeze Frames in Drama to retell the story!


August 2017  Welcome to our new 1st and 2nd class for 2017/18.