3rd & 4th 17/18

Turas Scoile go Dún na nGall 19 Meitheamh 2018

Rang a trí & rang a ceathair enjoyed a fantastic tour to Donegal Education Centre in Bundoran today. Having donned wetsuits they walked to the tidal pool & constructed their very own rafts using barrells, timber and rope.

Testing the sea-worthiness of the crafts proved great fun and resulted in many a páiste overboard. Following lunch, the children put on old clothes and night goggles for a blind obstacle course. The wet conditions and muddy terrain made for lots of slipping and splashing.


The grand finale mud-slide proved very popular leaving many of the children head to toe in muddy bog. A quick shower later and the class were heading back to Corballa a little quieter but with happy memories of their day out.

Sowing our 2018 Vegetable Crops

Having waited patiently for the weather to improve, we set about sowing our vegetables on Friday 11th May. This year Rang a Trí & a Ceathair are responsible for peas, mange tout and French beans. This crop is chosen because it fixes nitrogen in the soil which will help it to grow potatoes next year.

The children examined the seed packs to see how deep the seeds should be sown and how far apart the drill should be. Everyone worked together to get the crop planted and we look forward to seeing the stalks climbing up over the coming months. Watch this space!

Design and Build with Magnets

After exploring the properties and poles of magnets, we decided it was time to have some fun. In our groups, we set about designing and building some games and demonstrations involving magnets. You can see some “Go Fish” games, “Racing Car” challenges and the magnificent levitating paperclip (which took ages to get just right!).

Tanzanian Clay Masks 

Rang a trí & a ceathair really enjoyed learning about Tanzania in Africa this week so we decided to focus on Tanzania for our art lesson. We looked at some examples of traditional Tanzanian masks and noticed the shapes, patterns and colours they used. Our first session was spent making all sorts of shapes with the clay. The second session saw us all making our own Tanzanian-inspired masks. We painted them and talked about what we liked about each others’ work.



2D Shapes in the Open Air.

Which shapes tessellate and which don’t?

That’s a question best explored outside with chalk and lots of space. We studied various combinations of shapes with colourful results.



Rang a Trí & Rang a Ceathair – Colour Inspired by Autumn Leaves.

We have already gone on a nature walk around the school site to investigate rich and poor areas for plant and animal habitats. So when it came to our art lesson on paint & colour, what else would we look at but the beautiful autumn leaves around our school?

The rich, vivid colours on the leaves – greens, browns, golds, reds and oranges are a minor work of art themselves and the children studied them carefully before mixing up their own colours to represent them. 

Rang a Trí & Rang a Ceathair -Ag foghlaim faoi “Sa Bhaile”

Táimid ag foghlaim faoi láthair faoi “Sa Bhaile” – cinéal tithe, na seomraí, troscán agus ag iarraidh cur síos a dhéanamh faoi. Ag deireadh an leath-téarma beidh na páistí ag tabhairt teaspáinteas beag bunaithe ar an ábhar seo d’arb ainm “Ceannaigh an teach seo!”

Seo na buachaillí & cailíní ag cleachtadh le chéile san ionad pobail.

Rang a Trí & Rang a Ceathair – study our school through time.

The girls and boys from rang a trí & a ceathair recently studied how schooling in Corballa has changed. In 1901 there were 5 primary schools in the parish of Castleconnor. These closed or amalgamated over the years. 

We visited the old school across the fields to see what had changed and what had remained the same. The children were interested in writing on slates, outside toilets and the threat of corporal punishment.

Our local history book told us of how, after almost 90 years, people felt a new school was needed in Corballa. It took a huge amount of fundraising to build our present school in 1979 – 1980.


This is an historic year as we are currently building a new classroom to our school, one which we hope will be used by children in Castleconnor for many years to come.