5th & 6th


We have been learning about Area and Perimeter. In our Maths stations we played games both online and board-games to help us understand this topic in a fun way!

We spent a lovely afternoon in the garden recently. The weather was warm and bright and we got down to work raking and weeding the vegetable and flower beds. It was a great chance for us to get out in the fresh air and also put our skills to good use.

While we were keeping fit with the 10 @ 10 this week, we were also promoting health through nutrition with our fruit tasting event. We tasted the delicious flavours of Pineapples, Watermelon, Honeydew melon, Blueberries, Raspberries and Pomegranates. Well done to all involved in organising and preparing. Very tasty!!

Maths and Logic Puzzle Fun –  Our maths lesson took a different twist as we worked independently, pairs and small groups to complete maths challenges and puzzles. We had to use logic and our mathematical skills to solve them. The definitely gave our brains a workout!

Lá na bpancóga / Máirt hInide

Lá na bpancóga nó Máirt hInide a bhí ann ar an triú la déag de mhí Feabhra. Rinnemar pancóga sa rang a Cúig agus rang a Sé. Rinneamar an meascán inár seomra ranga. D’úsáideamar bainne, uibheacha, plúr agus salann chun fuidreamh a dhéanamh. Chuireamar súicra, leathán seacláide agus leamhacháin ar na pancóga. Bhí siad sin blasta. Cad a itheann tú le do phancóga?

Pancake Day  / Shrove Tuesday

It was Pancake day / Shrove Tuesday on the 13th February. We made pancakes in 5th and 6th class. We made the mixture in our classroom. We used milk, eggs, flour and salt to make the batter. We put sugar, chocolate spread and marshmallows on the pancakes. They were very tasty. What do you eat with your pancakes?

On February 1st, we celebrated St. Brigid’s Day by making crosses like the ones St. Brigid made. St. Brigid is said to have created the cross herself while attending a sickbed of a man and picking up rushes from the floor to craft them into a scared cross. It takes a lot of concentration and we helped each other out.

On January 26th two teams, U11 and U13, from Corballa N.S took part in the Credit Union Quiz in Ballina. Both of our teams did a great job against tough competition. Our U13 team did exceptionally well and they were in a tie-break round for second place. On this occasion we lost out but we really enjoyed the quiz and we were very proud of our performances and our teamwork. We will be back next year! Well done to:

U11 – Ciaran, Erin, Ellie and Eabha

U13 – Darragh, Emma, Eoghan and Michael

We had a fantastic workshop with Sr. Patricia Lynott in preparation for our Confirmation in March. We enjoyed learning about the journey of faith ahead through meeting interesting characters and discussing how they relate to our own lives. We discussed lots of interesting topics and shared our ideas with one another.

We were very busy in 5th & 6th with our Length topic in Maths. We developed our measuring skills and got a taste of some of the skills that are needed by Architects and Planners. We had to be precise when drawing up our plans from the brief we were given. When we were satisfied that our plans were correct, we then began to assemble our modular units in order to build our 3D house models.

Our Shared Reading is well underway and 6th class love pairing up with 2nd class for their Friday sessions. It is a great opportunity for all classes to show how well their reading is developing.

We had a fantastic trip to the historic Céide Fields and Ballinglen Arts Centre in Ballycastle. In Ballinglen, we designed, etched and printed our own images on the printing machine. At the Céide Fields site we were given a very interesting and informative tour by Gretta.

For November we are learning Gymnastics skills. Some of us have been to Gymnastics lessons previously so it’s great that we can share all our knowledge with everyone in our class.

Having fun playing some Hallowe’en games. 

During the first half of term we continued to build on our Hurling skills. 

In English, History, Music and Drama we were learning about Emigration in Ireland in the past. Here we are re-enacting scenes from the Emigration song ‘Isle of Hope, Isle of Tears’.

Hard at work harvesting our potatoes

5th and 6th Class of 2017/2018