Rang 2 ’17

A great day was had by all of 1st and 2nd class on their school tour to Galway.  From the relaxing and informative cruise on the river Corrib, to the high octane trampolining and iceskating at Jumplanes, finished off with learning so much about the life of fish at Galway Atlantaquaria and a sneaky trip to the playground in between, everyone was exhausted by the end of the day.  Have a look at some of our adventures!





Hope Father’s Day was a good one for all of our World’s Best Dads!




We learned about Road Safety 



We saw lots of signs of spring on our Woodland Walk in March.



Daffodils!  Beautiful paintings by Rang 2



Sacrament of Reconciliation 28th February 2017

2nd Class 1st Confession

February Artwork – Love was in the Air!



Here is some of our Christmas Art from 2016, including crib silhouette pictures, clay owls and clay Christmas decoration. 



In December we created some photostories based on our work in History.  We made the artwork, told the story and created our own sound effects. 



Jackson Pollock provided the inspiration for our ‘Action Art’ in December 



During November ’16 we looked at the artwork of Andy Warhol and created some pop art of our own.



In October ’16, we created some homemade Halloween Lanterns (using LED candles to be safe!)


We took a trip to the Old Corballa National School on a bright October day in 2016.  



 We worked on our drawing skills in Art in September and October.  Look at these fantastic drawings!