Rang 3 & 4 17

Discover Primary Science and Maths (Márta’17):

Our Put Put boats are ready to sail. The hull is made of waterproof milk carton, staples and hot glue. The engine is a water-tight and air-tight aluminium pocket made from a recycled drinks can. It is sealed with epoxy glue. The plastic bendy straws are the pipes on the engine and the candle is the fuel source providing heat energy which is then changed to kinetic energy to make the boat move. We all enjoyed pressure testing the engines, decorating the hull and cabin and of course watching them chug along in the water. 

Discover Primary Science and Maths (Márta’17):

Having already investigated floating and sinking we wanted to go further and see if we could build a moving boat. We found a website where a teacher in New Jersey demonstrated how to make “Put Put Boats” from recycled materials using a real steam-powered engine. Using the internet and our “virtual teacher” we collected our recycled materials – aluminium drinks can, cardboard milk carton and bendy straws. Teacher provided the patterns and materials such as epoxy glue which sets using a chemical reaction to make it super-strong. We learned a lot about different materials and about how steam-power can be harnessed to provide energy. 



Discover Primary Science and Maths (Feabhra ’17):

We wanted to find out why some heavy things float and some light things sink.  We made boats out of plasticine and experimented to see which floated and which sank. Then we designed our own boats out of milk cartons and investigated which could carry the most marbles. We discovered that, when it comes to floating and sinking, “The shape makes the difference!”.


Drama: The Day the Crayons Quit.

We dramatised the book “The Day the Crayons Quit!” by Oliver Jeffers. We had lots of fun expressing the crayons’ annoyance and crankiness. The other classes came to see us perform our little drama and we loved acting in front of them.

Neolithic Hunters:

We learned about Stone Age hunters and the children made their own bow and arrows. We learned that hunting wild animals for dinner would not have been easy for our ancestors!

Winter Art from 3rd and 4th.